It’s not often that one of my favourite games, Silent Storm, gets a mention in the gaming press. However I just noticed a month old article on Rock Paper Shotgun […]

In Silent Storm the following codes can be used with the GetItem console command to put the associated item into the currently selected character’s inventory. ”Little Joe” Silenced 352 36M […]

For some time now Open Xcom┬áhas been floating at the edge of my awareness. In teh past I’ve looked at ‘remakes’ and they’ve never felt right but this project looks […]

How do Interrupts Work? From the Nival forums:When both parties in question can see each other, the chance of interrupt is claculated as 50% plus the difference between both interrupt […]

Strategy is the key to success! Try these hints and tips in your game. Which way am I facing? — it helps to become familiar with isometric projection. Keep in […]