Silent Storm

Silent Storm, the turn based game from Nival, and it’s sequel Silent Storm Sentinels. Also known as S2 and S3

It’s not often that one of my favourite games, Silent Storm, gets a mention in the gaming press. However I just noticed a month old article on Rock Paper Shotgun […]

In Silent Storm the following codes can be used with the GetItem console command to put the associated item into the currently selected character’s inventory. ”Little Joe” Silenced 352 36M […]

How do Interrupts Work? From the Nival forums:When both parties in question can see each other, the chance of interrupt is claculated as 50% plus the difference between both interrupt […]

Talk about the circular nature of things. 10 years ago, a user called Dragon on the Strategy Core forums put together this guide on how to mod the game Silent […]

While looking for fresh information about Silent Storm I came across a rather useful forum thread here: I’ve copied the information from the relevant post below. I hope this comes […]