Silent Storm Camera and Interface Guide

It’s quite easy to change the camera and get some extra functionality from the interface. Here is what has been discovered so far. Although these mainly refer to editimng configuration files some of these functions are also available from the console, you may want to read that section for more information.

To show Frame/Sec

Edit your ‘input.cfg’ enter the following line:

bind showfps 'SCROLL'

Pressing your Scroll-Lock key will now toggle the FPS display, which also shows other information like Vertices and Light sources.

To Hide you GUI (for cool screenshots)

Edit your ‘input.cfg’ code:

bind hideinterface 'F11'

pressing your F11 key will now remove the interface graphics leaving you with full screen action.

To Have Camera Control During Enemy Turn

Edit your ‘config.cfg’ Near the bottom, you should see this line code

setvar ui_followcamera = 1.00

change the value to 0.00 so it should read

setvar ui_followcamera = 0.00

Note: This will disable the dynamic camera angles and cut scene style action of the enemy turn, it’s a personal thing, some like it on, some like it off.

To Change the Camera Zoom & Angle Limits

Edit the ‘autoexec.cfg’ You will see the following lines:

mission_camera_limits 35 10 65 -1.35 -0.75
mission_camera_softlimits 35 18 50 -1.4 -0.7

The numbers in these commands mean: 1st number : Field of View (Degrees) 2nd number : Zoom in limit 3rd number: Zoom out limit (Max 100) 4th number – Minimum Pitch (in Radians) (Higher View) 5th number – Maximum Pitch (In radians) (Lower View)

If you want a good starting point, the following are my settings:

mission_camera_limits 30 1 90 -1.8 -0.05
mission_camera_softlimits 30 2 88 -1.75 -0.05

To Stop Camera ‘Bounce’

If you don’t like the way the camera ‘bounces’ you just need to set the second set of numbers to equal the first.

To Change the Camera Type

There are three different camera control methods vailable in Silent Storm. But the option to change them is hidden away in the console. Activate the console as per the instructions here. Then at the console type:

cameramode #

(where # is the mode you wish to activate)

The available modes are:

PC : This is the default mode. The camera rotates around itself and adjusts it’d height in accordance with the terrain. It very rarely has clipping errors, but it can be difficult to get the view you want. It conforms to the limits specified in the .cfg file.

MAYA : This mode feels a lot more comforatble to me. The camera rotates a around the target and it seems as if the zoom limits are totally removed. It doesn’t adjust it’s height so it is easy to get below the surface.

FPS : This does NOT give you  a character’s viewpoint. It is more like a free flight mode. You can go anywhere, including inside models, so you can move yourself into location to get a characters LOS if that is what you want.