Silent Storm Default Game Controls

Camera Movement[up] Moves the camera forward
[down] Moves the camera back
[left] Moves the camera to the left
[right] Moves the camera to the right
[Page Up] Zooms in
[Page Down] Zooms out
[Ctrl] + [left]Turns the camera left
[Ctrl] + [right] Turns the camera right
[Ctrl] + [up] Turns the camera up
[Ctrl] + [down]Turns the camera down
[Home]Centres the camera on the selected character
[Num +] Shows the upper level (floor)
[Num –] Shows the lower level (floor)

Character Selection

[1]…[7] Selects character by the number
[=]Selects all characters
[Left Click] on character’s tab – Selects the specified character
[Tab] Selects the next character (in circle)
[Ctrl] + [Click] on character’s tab
Adds/deletes the specified character to/from the group


[M] Move (keep on moving)
[S] Stop
[A] Attack/action
[L] Look
[H] Hide
[Z] Get up / run
[X] Get up / walk
[C] Crouch / sneak
[V] Lie down / crawl
[D] Keep orientation/strafe mode
[I] Calls up / closes Items window
[O] Show Objectives
[J] Show Journal
[U] Opens / Closes character’s Parameters window
[R] Reload
[Q] Snap shot
[W] Aimed shot
[E] Careful shot
[[] Switch to previous mode
[]] Switch to next mode
[F] Short burst
[G] Long burst
[T] Sniper shooting mode

[Num 8] Aim at head
[Num 5] Aim at body
[Num 4] Aim at left arm
[Num 6] Aim at right arm
[Num 1] Aim at left leg
[Num 3] Aim at right leg


[Alt] Displays names of items
[Enter] End of Turn / Switch to turn-based mode

Game Controls

[F5] Quick save
[F6] Saves game
[F7] Loads game
[F8] Loads last quicksave
[F10] Game menu
[Pause] Pause mode on/off
[Print Screen] Makes screen shot (saved as *.bmp file in Screenshots directory)
[Ctrl] + [Q] Quits the game and exits to Windows