Silent Storm FAQ

How do Interrupts Work?

From the Nival forums:When both parties in question can see each other, the chance of interrupt is claculated as 50% plus the difference between both interrupt skills. eg:
German soldier – interrupt=50
Allied soldier – interrupt=20

Chance of interrupt

When only one party can see the other:
Chance of interrupt

Thanks to LoTekK for that!

Will the game be completely turn-based or only combat? How will it be implemented?

Only combat is turn-based. it can be activated by either the player or the computer initiating combat. The player can switch it on by pressing an interface button or by giving command to make offensive move like: shooting, throwing the granate, punching, using knife etc… You can switch this mode off only when there is no enemies near to you. AI can switch this mode on by attacking one of player’s characters.It is also possible to set the game to ‘No Real-Time’ this stops the game from leaving turn-based mode, handy if you want to take the time to plan every move, but it can get tedious if there are no enemies around and all you want to do is move from A to B.

Is it possible to gather weapons and other trophies from killed enemies?

Yes it is possible. But there are limits. You have a limited amount of space in your inventory. Thus it isn’t possible for one human to carry 40 MP-40 submachine guns.Also, Nival mention in their FAQ that weight plays a part but I have not seen evidence of this in the demo.

Will there be static fire-positions like machine-guns and is it possible to use them?

Static fire-positions will be presented in the Silent Storm and they can be used(already implemented). However it is extremely possible that before you can use them you will have to capture these stations from enemy. Additionally static machine-guns can be destroyed. Ammo can also ran out and you have to recharge it or/and even repair.

Will I be able to target body locations?

You get two options: simply to shoot at the enemy, or to shoot at a certain part of his body. In the first case, the place of hit location will be determined by the location of bullet hits. In the second case, you can choose six target locations: head, body, 2 hands and 2 legs.This means you can target hands to stop the enemy shooting, or legs to stop them running away. Of course a regular shot also has a chance of hitting these locations.

Is game engine made completely scratch or has some kind of previous work(engines) been used?

Game engine is practicaly made from zero. Some operating time were used, but as a whole it can’t be counted as smooth development of previous work. Our 3D engine is based on DirectX8 and it used pixel and vertex shaders. It supports per pixel lightning with bump mapping, real shadows based on depth buffer(hot!), highlights and realistic gloss using Blinn model, environment mapping, a fog. Skeletal animation with smooth transitions from one animation in another is used. The IK(Inverse Kinematics) which is used to set legs position on surface, realistic hand-grabbing etc. 3D sound is supported. The game’s physical model supports a statics – calculation of stability of buildings, dynamics or falling objects and fragments in view of collisions, a gravity, the moment of inertia… Falling people are processed separately, for them we use more complex animation and physical model(similar to what you could see in the in game “Hitman: Codename47”).

What kind of professions do you have in the game?

Each saboteur in your submission owns one of 6 professions.
The soldier – the most widespread trade he specializes on burst fire. His favourite tactics is to attack with shooting. Pretty clean, effective and wise tactic…
The scout – the master of stealth operations, specializes on silent moving and hand-to-hand fight.
The sniper – a soldier, living with a “one bullet – one corpse.” motto. The expert in enemy detection and elimination by one neat shot.
The grenadier – a soldier who perfectly understands heavy arms: grenades, grenade cup discharges, panzerfaustes, mortars and other…
Wounds on the task are inevitable, and the medic will help soldiers to tie up a wound and to weaken a pain. Despite of the peaceful trade, the physician is fully capable to stand for itself with the weapon in his hands.
The engineer – very important member of any diversion group. He knows how to correctly establish an explosive, how to repair the broken mechanism and how to use hi-tech objects.

Is there any restrictions on use of objects? Can any soldier use all of the avaliable weapons?

The trade chosen by the saboteur doesn’t limit any use of objects by him. Each character can shot from any weapon or make other accesible action. However sniper will use a sniper rifle more effectively than a soldier. Soldier will as well be more effective at shooting in burst mode from automatic device than the sniper.

Is it possible to complete game with only one saboteur(character)?

Yes, you will have that kind of possibility but Rambo-style won’t be easy. Using team of different specialists is easier and more interesting.

My textures are all just black & white squares! What’s wrong?

Black and white square textures appear on cards that do not support dxt textures. In the release verion such cards work ok. But unfortunately the demo was not tested on such cards and this bug leaked through.

I get a notice about ‘Recalculating Static Depth” whenever I move the camera.

The notice about recalculating static depth appears when camera moves or when something changes on the map. See the section on Graphics Optimisation for more info on why this is happening. It’s not a problem, and you’re only seeing it because you’ve turned on ‘showfps’ in the console

What languages will the game be available in?

Nival – “Sure! There will be AT LEAST russian, english, german and french versions of the game. Our previous products were also translated to korean, japan and many other languages. I am sure that it will repeat.”

Can I customise my character’s uniform?

Uniform costomisation is limited.
You can select any uniform for your alter ego, but most other soldiers use quite similar uniforms related to their class.As for your hero you are free to choose any uniform from among the available choices (something like 50 types, but I didn’t count them one by one, so it might be 30 or 60 in fact).
Also you can tweak some uniforms a bit. For example, German soldier has some optional medals (iron cross in variants) and rank marks. And russian soldier can have different caps (field cap, fur-cap and probably – don’t remember exactly – service cap). Although some uniforms don’t give you such choices – if you select a civil cloth a-la docker, you’ll not be able to tweak it.

Well that pretty much clears that up! Thanks Warper (Nival Forum Moderator)

So is there a simple screen to rearrange all items, even those still on ground in a finished sector, like in JA2?

Not yet. It was proposed by players for patch, but I don’t know the priority of this feature (and I have some dobuts about it). Let’s see – you demolish ground floor as far as underground floor. But beneath them both you have left something. Should you be able to take this item or not? Also… you have left something in closed, locked and mined box. Should you be able to pick this something up?
Although the feature seems very attractive I don’t know how developers will avoid these “cheats”.Right now item manipulation is more like NWN or Diablo. Since you finish missions in real-time, it’s not that troublesome.

How are the missions made exactly, I haven’t quite understood the map part yet. Is there a certain amount of maps in the game’s database that are used by the missions or does the game make the maps itself?
Each mission is somehow random. You’ll find clues in different places. Also you’ll get some missions your friends don’t get in campaign – and vice vesa.

Thanks to Warper from Nival

Will we be able to use timed explosives or remote detonators?

The answer to this is sure to disappoint.There are no time bombs and there no remotely controlled ones. There is a lonely exception, but it’s obviously out of game mechanics. Nevertheless there are “mines”. You can set it in any flat horizontal surface digging it a bit and activating.

It’s possible to make grenades/explosives chains – if you put several grenades next to each other, they’ll explode simultaneously. Althuogh you have to shoot/throw to start the process.

Are there rivers, lakes (water) in the game? And can your men swim?

Nivals’ answer to this was very quick, and short.No & No.

The game just wont run!

Ok, it’s ‘possible’ that a bug exists that causes problems when the game is not run from C: drive.Try installing to the default directory on C: and see if that helps.

When I load the demo tutorial all I see is a black screen, is there a fix?

Make sure you install the latest DirectX 9 and also the latest video card drivers.The readme.txt states the following:
Required Drivers version: Detonator 40.41 or higher. We recommend Detonator 44.03

Required Drivers version: Catalyst 3.5 or higher

What version nVidia or ATI drivers do I need?

Make sure you install the latest DirectX 9 and also the latest video card drivers.The readme.txt states the following:
Required Drivers version: Detonator 40.41 or higher. We recommend Detonator 44.03

Required Drivers version: Catalyst 3.5 or higher

How do I save on Impossible level?

No mods are needed for saving game on “Impossible”Try save filename in the console.

There is a mod in the download section that will make it easier though.