Vocal Response Compilations for Space Sims

Our first VRC (Vocal Response Compilation) has been compiled!

I’ve worked with professional voice acting talent to create a huge set of voice responses for Elite and other space sim games.

Currently there are over 90 audio files in the pack and I’ve got a LOT more coming!

This pack is in English, and has a female computer voice. I’ll be releasing English Male, and Polish Female packs as well, but its a time consuming process!

Use this with Voice Attack for an awesome immersive experience. In fact a future update will include pre-made VA profiles for Elite and Star Citizen.

Anyone who buys this pack (and I’m charging VERY little for it) will get updates for free as long as I’m adding stuff.


Thats the link to buy the Voice Pack. It’s only $3 USD.

It IS a work in progress, I’m releasing it early to get a feel for how it’s received. You WILL get a LOT more audio files as I release updates.

I’m also working on a video to show off soem responses and the quality of the voice work.